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Our mission is to be professional and dedicated to give you the most suitable academic solution for any oversea student who need our service here.




Before taking Intime services, please read the folowing terms carefully and agree to the disclaimers. 

1. Intime提供的所有写作及教辅服务均为原创,受著作权保护。
Originality: all services offered by Intime are original and copyrighted to assure the quality of the content and academic level. 
2. Intime致力于为客户提供写作范文和学习解决方案以帮助客户理解并完成学习任务,不允许客户直接向学校提交Intime提供的解决方案。
Ethics: all services offered by Intime aim to efficiently assist the academic learning of clients, and it does not harm the level of knowledge clients are supposed to personally obtain.  

3. 用户以各种方式使用Intime写作及教辅服务的过程中,不得以任何方式利用Intime的服务直接或间接从事违反法律法规的行为
Legitimacy: All services offered by Intime are liegitimate writing and tutorial, which are not allowed to be used by anyone in any forms of illegal activities.  

Intime owns the right to interpret, modify and update the disclaimers.